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We Welcome Prellis Biologics

Prellis Biologics is developing technology to build transplantable human organs and tissues. Their aim is to address the organ shortage and provide human tissues to streamline the development of therapeutics. The first transplantable human tissues Prellis Biologics is working to develop are the insulin secreting units of the pancreas, Islets of Langerhans. A renewable, safe source of Islets of Langerhans will provide an option to millions of people living with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). An islet transplant may allow T1DM patients to become insulin independent thereby avoiding daily injections and finger pricks for monitoring and regulating dangerous blood sugar swings. In addition, our company has developed a printing process to create human Lymph Node Organoids (LNO), capable of immune responses and generation of human antibodies, bypassing the need for antibody development in animals. In our proof-of-concept studies, our scientists created 14 novel class-switched human IgG antibodies that are reactive to the Zika Virus in less than 6 weeks. By engineering human tissues in the laboratory for rapid therapeutics development, our technology will streamline bench-to-bedside research and efficiently address emerging disease outbreaks. Prellis Biologics was co-founded in 2016 by Dr. Melanie Matheu and Dr. Noelle Mullin, two Ph.D.’s with a passion for bringing engineering and biology together to solve unmet medical needs.

Upcoming Event

  • Reaction before action: new approaches to biomineralization-associated diseases

    Daniel Laser, PhD CEO and Co-Founder, Applaud Medical RSVP Applaud Medical is a three-year-old company developing treatments for biomineralization-related diseases. Applaud's products use violent physical effects like cavitation and shock waves to achieve a therapeutic effect, while sparing non-targeted tissue through precise chemical targeting. Applaud's lead product, for low-invasiveness treatment of kidney stones, is currently in clinical trials in Gujarat, India. This seminar will cover technical aspects of combining chemical reactions with mechanical action in both Applaud's products and in a range of other drugs and devices, along with a brief discussion of key commercialization considerations for this uniquely promising product category. About Daniel Laser Daniel Laser is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Applaud Medical. Dan also founded Wave 80 Biosciences, a pioneer in detecting HIV during the high-transmission-risk earliest phase of infection, when the immune response is insufficiently advanced for antibody-based methods. He has served as board member or advisor to drug and device companies in fields ranging from autoimmune disease to ophthalmology to cancer. Dan got his start in the medical device field working on haptic feedback for telerobotic surgery systems. Dan holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, where he was a Semiconductor Research Corporation Graduate Fellow. While at Stanford, he was also a MacArthur Affiliate at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, developing mathematical models for protecting against threats involving weaponized pathogens.


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