Waters Micromass ZQ

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Waters Micromass ZQ

The Waters Micromass® ZQ™ Mass Spectrometer, the most popular single quadrupole mass spectrometer worldwide, offers characteristic performance and robustness for laboratories that require nominal mass resolution for mass confirmation applications.

Also in-house: the associated in-line chromatography unit, model 2695.

Powerful Technology Platform

The ZQ Mass Spectrometer is built using the technical innovation you expect from Micromass brand products. The ZQ’s distinctive features include:

  • Small footprint (Width x Height x Depth): 390 mm x 587 mm x 810 mm (15.3 in x 23.1 in x 32.0 in)
  • 2040 or 4096 amu upper mass limit
  • Acquisition rates up to 5000 amu/sec using a state-of-the-art Embedded Personal Computer Acquisition System (EPCAS™)
  • ZSpray™ dual orthogonal sampling interface provides unsurpassed sensitivity and ruggedness
  • Vertically mounted liquid inlet probes to minimize tube length and peak dispersion
  • Software-controlled, integrated syringe pump for easy calibration, tuning and sample infusion
  • Software-controlled divert valve/manual injection valve
  • Digital control of source gas flow rates
  • Differentially pumped vacuum system featuring singular air-cooled, split flow turbomolecular pump technology
  • Control and data acquisition with MassLynx, Empower and Millennium®32 4.0 Software


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