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We Welcome Prellis Biologics

  Prellis Biologics is developing technology to build transplantable human organs and tissues. Their aim is to address the organ shortage and provide human tissues to streamline the development of therapeutics. The first transplantable human tissues Prellis Biologics is working to develop are the insulin secreting units of the pancreas, Islets of Langerhans. A renewable, safe source of Islets of […]

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New partnership with TetraScience

QB3@953 is happy to announce an exciting new partnership with TetraScience, the leading Internet of Things for science company. QB3@953’s goal is to be the most efficient and “lean” lab on the planet, and TetraScience’s ability to connect existing instruments and lab systems to a single online dashboard, will help us reach this goal. We are also working on new projects […]

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These seven researchers are changing the face of biotech

These seven researchers are changing the face of biotech Read the complete article at BizJournals Three of the Magnificent 7 are women CEOs at QB3@953 which we want to highlight in our post. June 8, 2017, Bay Area Biotech From common-but-stubborn ailments like acne to the future of gene therapy or personalized cancer care, the breadth of biotech innovation happening […]

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New Core Equipment: GE WAVE 25

New Core Equipment: GE WAVE 25 The WAVE 25 bioreactor system will allow QB3@953 startups to reliably and repeatedly grow up to 25L of cells for protein production. The single use bags standardize production and eliminates the need for clean-rooms, all of which saves time and money. We are dedicated to helping our researchers get reliable data fast – and […]

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Servier partners with QB3@953 to find and cultivate innovative startups

Servier is the second largest French pharmaceutical company with over 3,000 researchers focused on novel treatments for cardiovascular disease, oncology, diabetes, CNS, and Rheumatology. This partnership is a boon for researchers on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing together Servier’s decades of expertise and QB3@953’s innovative thinking and startup community. Servier will receive a “golden ticket,” which allows Servier to […]

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Laboratory Space Shortage Constrains Southside San Francisco Biotech Growth

Laboratory Space Shortage Constrains Southside San Francisco Biotech Growth QB3@953, a biotech incubator, has been so successful that many of the startups housed there are searching for larger laboratories in Southside San Francisco. But their moves have been stymied by high rents and real estate prices, as well as a lack of space for midsize companies. The incubator, launched almost […]

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Rich Yu talks about how incubator saving water during CA drought

Rich Yu talks about how incubator saving water during CA drought Richard Yu, Ph.D., scientific and operations director for the QB3@953 incubator in San Francisco, told GEN his facility is also heeding the need for water conservation. “I flagged a person for using cold running water to cool an eletrophoresis gel and begged them to use a recirculating water chiller, […]

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Nerd Stalker gets the QB3 pitch

Nerd Stalker gets the QB3 pitch Greg Viloria of the Silicon Valley blog Nerd Stalker interviewed Kaspar Mossman, QB3 communications and marketing director, recently at QB3@953. Greg generously allowed Kaspar to explain the entire spectrum of how QB3 helps Bay Area entrepreneurs start life science companies–Startup in a Box, incubators, the venture fund Mission Bay Capital. Plus, a little about […]

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Helen Lam converts Alector internship into research associate position

Helen Lam converts Alector internship into research associate position During her internship at biotech startup Alector, Helen Lam learned for the first time the advantages that scientists gain by working in a team. She also got a career boost. Helen now works full-time as a research associate at Alector, which develops antibody therapies for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. […]

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Ethan Perlstein featured in Science Careers

Ethan Perlstein featured in Science Careers Ethan Perlstein never planned to be a CEO. Ever since his college research internship in a lab at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), he had dreamed of becoming a professor at a high-powered research institution. After completing his Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology at Harvard and earning a Lewis-Sigler fellowship at Princeton, […]

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  • Reaction before action: new approaches to biomineralization-associated diseases

    Daniel Laser, PhD CEO and Co-Founder, Applaud Medical RSVP Applaud Medical is a three-year-old company developing treatments for biomineralization-related diseases. Applaud's products use violent physical effects like cavitation and shock waves to achieve a therapeutic effect, while sparing non-targeted tissue through precise chemical targeting. Applaud's lead product, for low-invasiveness treatment of kidney stones, is currently in clinical trials in Gujarat, India. This seminar will cover technical aspects of combining chemical reactions with mechanical action in both Applaud's products and in a range of other drugs and devices, along with a brief discussion of key commercialization considerations for this uniquely promising product category. About Daniel Laser Daniel Laser is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Applaud Medical. Dan also founded Wave 80 Biosciences, a pioneer in detecting HIV during the high-transmission-risk earliest phase of infection, when the immune response is insufficiently advanced for antibody-based methods. He has served as board member or advisor to drug and device companies in fields ranging from autoimmune disease to ophthalmology to cancer. Dan got his start in the medical device field working on haptic feedback for telerobotic surgery systems. Dan holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, where he was a Semiconductor Research Corporation Graduate Fellow. While at Stanford, he was also a MacArthur Affiliate at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, developing mathematical models for protecting against threats involving weaponized pathogens.


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